Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Three Bears Effect

The three bear’s effect is a term that I coined myself (Or at least I hope I coined fomyself) is what happens when you have three individuals two of which are at polar opposite extreme and the third one is perfect because they are just in the middle they are “Just Right.”Let’s look at The 3 bears effect in a racial and gender aspect, by putting up three different race black white and East/South East Asians Racialized-masculinity helps keep white supremacist views working. Just Look at the stereotypes that exist for Black men and Yellow men they are at polar opposites.

Black men-Masculine, Hyper sexual, physically strong, mentally slow.
(Basically what you see in almost every rap video, every tvshow/movie or other etc.)

Asian Men- Asexual, effeminate, physically weak, (or strong but in a ancient martial arts way) mentally advanced.
(What you see in many movies and why an Asian male is harldy the lead male role.)

These are all stereotypes, whether you view them positive or not they are stereotypes which can be harmful whether they are seen as positive or not and they work in favour of white men. So then in comes White men having the best of both they are seen being strong as well as smart and having a healthy sexuality.

That is why all those penis stereotypes exist and why they get played out all the time in the media to boost the ego of white men so that they can be viewed as being perfect because they were just in the middle of both extremities completely normal. Or in Goldilocks words “Just Right.”


eccentricyoruba said...

oh wow, this was a very interesting and thought-provoking read. i like your theory of the three bears effect.

The Black Bot said...

You're right. People assume minorities always have identical personalities that fit stereotypes, but white people, they believe are the epitome of diversity and what is normal.

Mira said...

"Three bears effect" is a pretty acurate theory.

It makes white people (both men and women) seem "just right". Plus, it make white people seem like intividuals, while others are seen as collective ("they're all the same").

It all goes back to the belief that white person (especially white male) is a "deafult" human being. Others are different, and, while they might have some special "gifts" like being noble savages, they are never "normal" and "just right".

And now when you wrote about it, I admit, I don't remember seeing many non-Asian films with Asian male leads.

sandy said...

I disagree I think that black men come out on top because many women want to date a black guy because of that whole big dick reason and black guys that I know are cool with the whole “black men are bigger” thing

Aiyo said...

Even though it may be seen as a positive it is still a sterotype it is still bad becasue a sterotype limits people and causes people and black men are seen as nothing but sexual beasts and brutes that just want to fuck and has no control over themselves and will rape anyone but especially white women.
The sterotype was created by whites to uphold the pure white women sterotype.

Eurasian Sensation said...

Respectfully, while you may have coined the 3 bears analogy yourself, I think some others may have came up with the same idea, since there are a few references to it on the nets.

Regardless, it's a fabulous analogy, and really illuminates how these stereotypes play into white folks' hands. White males, if outplayed in sport by a black man or out-thought in the classroom by an Asian, can fall back on telling themselves they are smarter than the black guy and have a bigger dick than the Asian guy.

Take it from me as a person of Asian background; we get very sensitive and defensive about this shit. The stereotypes we deal with are not as damaging as those that black folks deal with, but they are shitty just the same, and mess with people's psyches. I once knew an Asian guy who thought black women were the bomb, but never approached one because he assumed they would be disappointed by what he was packing downstairs.

jkolly90 said...

I agree with you those sterotypes were p ut to keep white men at the top and make them look perfect and it's interesting how black and asian sterotypes are polar opposite even with women too. Black women are sterotyped as being overbearing loud and rude and hard and asian women are sterotyped as being soft quiet and submissive.

I think that the sterotypes that exist of men of colour effect women of colour too.

IDIOT face said...

"Black men-Masculine, Hyper sexual, physically strong, mentally slow.
(Basically what you see in almost every rap video, every tvshow/movie or other etc.)"

All I am is the Masculine part of that stereotype!

"Asian Men- Asexual, effeminate, physically weak, (or strong but in a ancient martial arts way) mentally advanced.
(What you see in many movies and why an Asian male is harldy the lead male role.)"

Ironically I'm better than some east asians at martial arts!

Btw I like your blog Aiyo!

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, what an excellent post! And I like "BBG."

@Eurasian Sensation I keep giving a flattering but not-so-conspicuous eye to Asian guys (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Laotian, Indian -- and I'm going to include Samoan and Filipino here). So I must be friggin' hideous because they turn away. Forget about color; I don't even have a preference of one ethnicity over another when it comes to men. Culturally speaking, I probably would have a better chance of communicating (in different ways) with Black American men. Then again, the world is changing. I wish that more Asian and Pacific-region men would give Black women worldwide more of a chance. We're definitely not all overbearing, loud and (lol) mannish.

Anonymous said...

This was quite an insightful post. I'm glad you did this.

anon said...

You did coin the phrase "3 bears effect" because everyone else describes the exact same phenomenon as the "Goldilocks Effect".

Stereotypes exist for a reason. The human brain has a very efficient pattern recognition system. We instinctively know that black men, as a group, are more masculine than white men. This has also been proven by science and has nothing to do with White Supremacism.

Black men evolved higher testosterone as a result of the low population density of sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria and other sub tropical diseases prevented large urban populations from developing. Low population density prevents central authority from developing, which means less law and order. When two tribes meet, they will tend to fight because they cannot trust that the other tribe will not be violent towards them. Warfare is more common, more men die young and the survivors, usually bigger and more aggressive men with more testosterone, get multiple wives and pass on these traits to their many children. Polygamy evolves greater sexual dimorphism across all species including humans, again proven by science.

Black men have larger penises than whites and a greater number of sperm per ejaculation as a result of a greater degree of polygamy over a longer period of time. Whites are bigger than Asians. Proven fact, not the result of the media telling whitey that he is juuuuuuuuuuuust right.

Anonymous said...

@anon and despite you spewing all those "scientific facts" it still has nothing to do with the stereotypes the media and American society perpetuates. It's about stereotypes not genetic makeups of each race...look at the common stereotypes mentioned above. So are you gonna give a "scientific fact" as to why black men are "mentally slow" and asian men are "physically weak"? If so, then keep it because it's bullshit.

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